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Beth Slate

Beth Slate has spent the last thirty five years helping business owners build sustainably successful companies through organizational development consulting and leadership coaching. With her B.A. in sociology, psychology and human development and her passion for empowering people, she created and grew several multi-million-dollar companies for investors, with a few landing on Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies list. She’s built teams for some of the largest corporations in the U.S., including Zenith, Hasbro, Coca Cola and CVS Pharmacies. As a Prosci Certified Change Management Professional and certified mediator, Beth works with company executives to create work cultures where everyone can thrive.    

An early pioneer of the customer experience and employee experience to meet the needs of all stakeholders in business, Beth has increasingly turned her focus to inclusion, equity and diversity.  In alignment with her native heritage, one of her guiding principles comes from the Hopi Nation, who believe that “The truth is too big for one person to hold, so if you want to know the truth of anything, you must ask everyone”.


These days, when she isn’t coaching or facilitating conversations about inclusion, diversity or leadership, you can find her following in the steps of her native great grandfather who was a medicine man, crafting tinctures and salves from wild gathered herbs on her property.  

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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