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Meanwhile in Memphis Podcast

Level Up: Midsouth Leadership Summit

Listen to Reggie Davis talk about his work in the community, how he knew it was time to begin his own coaching and consulting firm, the topics he chose for the Level Up: Midsouth Leadership Summit, and more! Listen to real conversations about growth mindset and the vulnerability it requires.

Mindfulness Manufacturing Podcast

Reaching From the Heart: Stories for Improving Diversity and Inclusion with guest Reggie Davis

In this powerful and candid podcast, Reggie Davis breaks down some of the common diversity issues that organizations face. He also shares his own stories about bias and growth, offering valuable insights to help manufacturing leaders create more harmonious workplaces.

Memphis Voyager

Community Highlights: Meet Reggie Davis of UpLift Coaching & Consulting

In this article, Reggie shares the story of how he went from having an open, yet tough conversation about the confederate flag to  starting a business facilitating conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Article on Artificial Intelligence
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