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Kevin Seglich

Kevin Steglich has a wide range of experience in the industrial sector as an environmental compliance and safety officer, technical advisor, trainer, and business development manager. These roles have taken him to a variety of places in the western United States, including Alaska’s arctic region where he worked for a native corporation with a worldwide diverse workforce. Currently he is working with small business owners to create a culture focused on employee satisfaction and safety. His relatable communication style reaches a broad variety of people. 


Kevin enjoys exploring new places and ideas in the physical and spiritual planes. Building relationships with humans and nature is one of his greatest sources of joy. Years ago he adopted his friend’s mantra: “What serves love best?” to add to his own: “Love people where they are in life.” His goal is to use curiosity to bring people together and see humanity thrive. He spends his free time making music, cooking with friends, and sharing adventures with his “family of choice.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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